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Want to help keep me caffeinated? ☕️

I'm just a regular guy with a 9-to-5, a precocious little girl, and a laptop. I make free apps with no ads which people actually want to use. Coffee helps. 'Free' coffee bought with donations is the bees' knees. 😄

So how does Never Ads make money?

It doesn't. 😉

My only income from Never Ads comes via donations, so if you'd like to buy me a coffee, I'd be grateful. There are a handful of patrons who help out via Patreon, and some prefer to use PayPal (never.ads.info@gmail.com).

Every single one of you has my boundless thanks.

At this point I can count my patrons using just my fingers. If you want to help make that a little more difficult for me, click here.

(I might end up spending the money on ice cream or a stuffed animal, just so you know.)


Feel free to contact me at any time for any reason.